09 December 2011

Who's Vladimir?

Staring at the bright morning sunlight hurt my eyes.
Tired after a night of star gazing with a friend.

Somebody with a Dutch mind and a Serb/Russian heart who appreciates the brotherhood with Russia. Born on 08 October 1967. Moved to the Netherlands when I was seven years old. So I moved to the Netherlands way before Yugoslavia fell apart. I barely speak the Serb or the Russian language, but I understand it a little better than that. I have proudly served the Dutch army for five years as a Specialist Electronics where I had a very sporty life. However, the Netherlands lost my loyalty after they bombed Serbia, stole land from them, then help instigate horrible things in Ukraine.

My keywords are politics, software programming, music, movies, science ficiton, non-fiction, and lifestyle in general. Independent thinking is key to me and by extension I haven't watched TV, listened to the radio, read a newspaper as of 2001.

Single, no children. I work in the field of Business Intelligence. Conservative Pagan who believes in the natural flow of things. Critical thinker, tolerant, not very agreeable nor forgiving.

Allergic to politicians, feminists and leftists. Also allergic to total indiscretion, lack of manners, lack of respect, lack of integrity and panicky behavior.

Love cooking, opera  and Slav folklore (Baltic, Russian, Balkan), Science Fiction and ladies in skimpy bikinis exiting a swimming pool.

Guilty pleasure: watched RHOBH. Team Camille and Kyle.