17 January 2012

Dear Cigarette

I'll  have none of you as of today. It's on bitch.

This section was intended as a logbook during my campaign to quit smoking. However, it went so smooth I stopped logging prematurely. There simply wasn't much to tell. The aftermath continues below.

It's over three weeks now. There's nothing to report. Quitting ended up easier than I anticipated.

Almost into the fifth week. Still going strong.

Over seven weeks now.

October 2012. Not smoking. Gained 10 Kg (22 Lbs) of mass. No suit fits me anymore! Replaced my Jeans too. No custom made Italian shirt fits me either. Too expensive to replace just like that. And I have gained quite a belly too! But women tell me I look better. More color, fuller face. I always was an ugly motherfucker and I have no illusions, but it's nice to hear a compliment.

April 2013. Smoking wise, things are still going dandy. However, the thought of smoking never leaves. I realize I belong to the very rare who managed to quit this successfully, cold turkey and without help. But I also realize I have to remain vigilant. It may be that for the rest of my life occasionally I have to resist. Sometimes I can even smell the smoke even though there's nothing here!

January 2015. All good. Gained even more weight. I rarely think of smoking anymore and I certainly do not crave it. However, I do fear it. Overall health has improved.No flu's ever, nothing is going on ever, not even a wet nose or the need to scrape the throat once in a while. Absolutely nothing. The added fat makes me also more resilient against cold. I never could stand cold. Boy did that change.

Epilogue June 18, 2015

It's all about the mindset. I have worked on it for seven years. I was told once by a wise colleague that I will quit only when I have quit in my mind. I immediately knew that was the truth . So I managed to re-program my mind into being a non-smoker. Again, that process took me seven years.

Now I'm happier than ever because I have learned about the power of the mindset. I have learned more about the depth and possibility of controlling your own mind. For a long time I thought "mindset-talk" was gibberish, but now I've done it myself, re-invented it myself. It's the greatest discovery in my life, and so far it has been the greatest journey of my inner self.

To smokers who wish to quit: don't try until you've quit in your head first. Let's ignore what so called specialists have to say. No need for electronic cigarettes, nicotine gum, pills and whatnot. Smoking, or non-smoking, it's in your head. I have learned something else about this: people never listen.

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