22 January 2013

The True Face of Feminism: An Introduction


This blog-entry exposes the true face of feminism. A few random but striking cases are presented to get the viewer going. By no means is this entry meant as an exhaustive or remotely complete resource.

Feminism is Hate and Inequality

Feminism is not about equality between men and women. It may have been in the past, but the noble causes are gone long time ago. These days it's about female rights only. It's about women having more rights than men, and sometimes it's about equal rights, but with less obligations for women. This blog entry is to give you a starter on this subject from a realistic perspective. It basically demonstrates the ugly face of feminism in daily life.

An Inconvenient History Lesson: Feminists Did Not Win Voting Rights For Women

In fact, in those days, 1914, two main movements existed: the suffragettes and the feminists. Both groups weren't quite kosher to put it mildly, however, the suffragettes were diametrically opposed to what feminists stood for. The suffragettes feared that the feminist movement was going to be destructive to the traditional family life. An old newspaper article illustrates this:

Old article mocking Feminists for being a danger to family life. (CLICK to enlarge)
Having illustrated the difference, it also needs to be clear that the suffragettes didn't obtain voting rights for females either! In fact, they made it look bad. It was the universal suffrage together with human rights groups who got women (and minorities) to vote. Bet you didn't know that one. Yet modern day feminists take claim for that. Well, they always did actually.

Incident At a Canadian University

One typical way of how feminists deal with opposing views is by simply disrupting it. Here's you'll see a group of students simply blocking the entrance for visitors who paid for their tickets. Nobody gets to attend a lecturers' presentation. Below is a disturbing video perfectly demonstrating this:

The video is somewhat dramatized, but make no mistake, it's not exaggerated. If you like to see the raw footage, which I think is better anyway, then watch this five minute clip: full version of obstructing access.

Let me break it down. Warren Farrel is A Ph.D, M.A. and B.A, a champion for Men's Right Activism and is a former feminist. He visited the University of Toronto to address some issues regarding boys in the educational system. In the video you'll hear some students yelling about him being a rape apologist. Basically they used an out-of-context placed quote about rape statistics to justify their blockade. Here's the quote, then you be the judge of that: "And with the rape, I was showing why the rape statistics are exaggerated, and saying that date rape was much more complex than the way feminists had portrayed it, as men oppressing women."

For Farrel's response, see this link. I could go on forever, but let me wrap it up with two additional links: Canadian Association For Equality (CAFE) response

The University of Toronto Student's Union (UTSU) published a response to the protest on the university page, but it has been deleted as the events were quite shameful.

The UTSU's response started off emotionally charged by stating:  
"On November 16, 2012 a group at the University of Toronto hosted an event on campus which would supposedly address issues that men and boys face in our society." 
Does this sound like a balanced and neutral statement to you?. What else would Dr. Farrel do other than having his speech? It's what he does all the time. He's having speeches, is a tutor and organizes workshops. In fact, looking at his resume, the man has an impressive record!

In case you didn't realize, the Toronto Student's Union consists entirely out of feminists. Some union huh? How healthy is it for a university to have a union which is defined by a single interest group only?

These feminists trigger the Fire Alarm constantly if they don't like something. The university is required to clear the building. The fire department is required to respond. And all of this is at the expense of the tax paying citizen!

Feminists Don't Like Facts

A self proclaimed professional feminist. She claimed to be one in the video. The young man presents a lot of statistics, and how does this professional feminist respond? She doesn't want to justify statistics on the pay gap - the government will do that for her she says! When it comes to statistics about domestic abuse, she doesn't want to accept these statistics as well and her counter argument is to move the goalpost by re-defining the scope of said statistics.

This is a typical feminist who appeals to emotion and in general uses exclusively fallacies. Just about everything stereotypical feminist-like happens, including somebody shouting "rape" at some point. Crying rape is a major modus operandi of feminists. There's almost no discussion possible without some feminist crying rape. All I ask is to open your eyes. You'll see.


Cisca Dresselhuys, once the chief editor of a Dutch feminist magazine 'Opzij' (Dutch wordplay for 'move aside / for her'). She refused to hire male employers in her company. Offcourse, all references on their website about this case have been removed.

Now imagine if a magazine refused a female employee for being a woman... the world would be set on fire by feminists in minutes time. Questions in the Parliament will be raised. Probably new laws would be invented.

Or how about the French feminist movement outrage when the name of the false rape accuser of Strauss-Kahn was made publicly known. (Nafissatou Diallo) She knows what's up.

An Ultimate Double Standard

Let's demonstrate a final double standard. Female teacher caught having sex with boy

Did you read it? What odd thing did you notice? Parents feel sympathy for that pedophile woman. Ever heard of parents feeling sympathy for a male pedophile teacher?

When an adult male has sex with an underage person, it's actually called rape, or sexual abuse. When an adult female has sex with an underage person, it's called "seduction" or "had sex with". Rarely is it called unambiguously rape when a women is the suspect - that's the gist here.

Now where are the feminists to call out on this inequality? Also, the article doesn't tell you that the police let her go when she was caught red handed. She was ordered to report in the next day. Now imagine if it were a man caught red handed... you think they'd let him go right then and there?

And So Forth

I haven't even mentioned the violent and destructive behavior of feminists and their male stooges (called White Knights, manginas or macktivists). They literally use violence, intimidation and destruction of private property. It's all there on the Internet for you to gaze at.

When it comes to the feminists favorite topic, which is rape, you won't hear them when it's politically incorrect. This is key for recognizing their double standards.

The mass rape(s) in England (see Rotherham for example) didn't spark outrage by feminists at all. In fact, you didn't hear them. Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Germany, in all these countries most rapes are committed by immigrants or their descendants, but you won't hear feminists about it.

2015 / 2016

Look what happened during New Years Eve 2015/2016 in all of West of Europe; mass sexual assault and many actual rapes that were (and still are and will forever be) kept hidden. But not a single word from feminists. In fact, now the storm is calming, the feminists slowly crawl out of their shells to deny the facts and blame everybody but the perpetrators themselves. It's only a beginning. Soon they'll find ways to blame West European men in some shape or form again.

It simply baffles me that women do not see this. They, and most men too, do not understand that simple trick, where initially a good cause is used as a Trojan for a selfish and financial agenda.

Resources To Get You Started

May I suggest a few resources for you to see this subject from a different point of view:
Karen Straughen's Youtube Channel (her motivation is that she doesn't want her sons to be the tools feminists want them to be)
Sargon of Akkad's Youtube channel. A left winger who regularly exposes the true face of feminism:

This should get you going on top of the links throughout this post.

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